Qualifying as an ADI is an achievement which you can be very proud of. As a training professional you not only have a huge contribution to make to road safety but an opportunity to build a successful business. To be successful you will need to continue to learn and develop your skills in all areas of the industry. There are many areas you can focus on including coaching, mentoring, customer service, diary management, budgeting and business planning, career progression through additional qualifications such as Fleet, Instructor Training and Advanced Driver Training, adding additional vehicle categories to your licence to name a few. Continuing Professional Development can be done in many different ways, from reading industry publications to finding mentors, joining a local association or taking additional training . It doesn't all have to cost money, but if you do decide to pay out for additional training be sure it will be a benefit to your business.

→Is your Standards Check test looming?
→First SC and unsure what to expect?
→Just in need of a confidence boost?
→Looking to achieve the grade YOU deserve?

Standards Check Training

Developing skills takes time and practice. Why wait until your Standards Check to check how you are doing? We run regular Standards Check workshops in partnership with CPD Devon where ADIs can share experiences, discuss their standards checks and identify areas they want to develop. We can also mentor you on a 1:1 basis, observe lessons and provide written feedback. Continuous development of your skills will help you to approach your Standards Check with confidence.

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