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Theory Test?……. Lets do it!

Getting motivated to study for the Theory Test can be difficult at the best of times. Now that tests have been postponed for at least the next three months it can be tempting to just leave the study until closer to the time of your test. But if you have to wait so long don’t you want to know you can pass the theory test first time ?

Panic cramming is not a great way to learn anything, and when they do start doing tests again you need to be ready to take advantage of them as soon as possible. So let us give you some tips on how to keep the practice going.

  • Get a good app
    If you havn’t already done it, ask your instructor to sign you up for full free access to Theory Test Pro. There are other good apps available but this is the one we recommend. All of our students have found this really helpful for revising the questions and the Hazard Perception videos. The way it is laid out is very similar to the actual test so it will seem familiar and less scary on the day.
  • Don’t just do mock tests
    The biggest mistake students make with revision is that they go straight to the mock tests and don’t properly learn the topics. There are 14 topics in the question bank. To get the best from the app, revise the topics first then do a test.
  • Little and often
    Set yourself small challenges each day. Perhaps to answer all of the questions in one topic, or ten questions a day until you have completed all of the questions.
  • Don’t guess
    If you don’t know an answer you could guess or use the hints to help, but you will learn far more if you look the answer up in the highway code. The Highway Code is available free online and as part of the Theory Test Pro app. While looking for the answer you will inevitably read the related information around that answer and be more likely to understand it.
  • Ask your instructor
    Don’t understand a question? Ask your instructor. They will be pleased to hear you are practicing and very happy to explain things for you. They will be able to give you examples that will help you understand and remember the answer.
  • Challenge the family
    Make revision fun, challenge the family to a see who can get the highest scores. I bet your parents will find it harder than you!

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